Research Holds Key to Social Media Connection with Customers

  Pew Chart 0423Every year the Pew Research Internet Project releases a social media report which gives insightful and even surprising information about the demographics, frequency of visits, reasons for usage and more related to social networking sites.  Based on this information, it might be time to refresh your marketing and communication strategies to keep up with the trends.  Here are three insightful and surprising data points from their research.


  1. 71% of “online adults” use Facebook.
  2. LinkedIn skews older, wealthier and more college-educated than other sites.
  3. Twitter usage levels are higher among younger adults and African Americans.

Despite recent growth by services such as Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook remains the dominant social networking platform

Social Media Update 2013, Pew Research Internet Project


  1. Among adults who use the internet, the 18 to 29 age group has the highest percentage of Facebook users at 84%.
  2. Women and younger adults have higher percentages of social network usage.
  3. These people check their sites at least once a day:
    • 63% of Facebook users
    • 57% of Instagram users
    • 46% of Twitter users
    • 23% of Pinterest users
    • 13% of LinkedIn users

Get results from the full report here and see if your strategies are on target or out-of-sync.

Leisa Chester Weir




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